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    Cash for Cars Canberra is Canberra’s tried and true Car Removal service, allowing Canberra locals to Sell Your Car for Cash at a moment’s notice and for top dollar. As a trusted service, founded on integrity and astounding workmanship, you can depend on us to get you the Top Cash for Cars offer up to $9,999 that you want for your vehicle.

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    Cash for Cars

    Get Instant Cash for Cars is a reality in Canberra thanks to our innovative service! Not only will we pay you on the spot for your vehicle, but you can also ‘jump to the front of the line’ and have it sold without advertising it, repairing it or trying to make it more sellable because we buy cars that are in poor condition, good condition and everything in between. Our policy of buying cars however they are when they’re presented to us means you can relax knowing that whatever happens to your vehicle, there’s a Canberra Car Buyer who will gladly take it off your hands at a moment’s notice.

    We pay Cash for Cars in all conditions including wrecked, scrap, junk, old, registered & unregistered, damaged and more.

    Free Car Removals Canberra

    Our Free Car Removals service is available Canberra wide and is free for all vehicles, wherever they are located.

    This includes:

    Car Wreckers

    Our Canberra Car Wreckers service accepts all makes and models. We dismantle vehicles and recycle their parts which allow people to buy spare parts and repair their vehicle at more much affordable rates, as well as not having to get manufacturers to create new parts.

    Some Auto Brands we often purchase from include (but are not limited to):


    Car Recycling

    Cash for Cars Canberra’s Canberra Car Recycling service is a great way to dispose of your unwanted vehicle without contributing to waste or pollution that affects our beautiful Australian environment. Our no-waste recycling process ensures that your vehicle is put to good use and saves you from having to pay to have your vehicle delivered to a landfill. Get rewarded for being eco-friendly with Cash for Cars Canberra’s Instant Cash for Cars deals that you can receive this very day!

    Virtually every part of your vehicle has value including:

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