Can I Sell My Car If The Registration Is Expired?

Posted on 27th, Jun 22

You’re attempting to sell an automobile with an expired registration, but you’re unsure if there are any additional steps you need to take. For example, you can utilise the tips listed below when attempting to sell a car with an expired title.


Registration Expired

Register Your Vehicle As Temporary Non-Operational

Depending on the state, if your registration is due to expire, you might be able to get a non-operational title to save money on the registration. Doing this can also avoid paying late registration fees for missing the deadline. However, this indicates that your car is not roadworthy. Therefore prospective buyers won’t be able to test drive it legally. They could also enquire as to why it is listed as non-operational.

A Licensed Dealer Can Accept Your Trade-In

If you have a clear title, you might be able to trade in a vehicle whose registration has lapsed. However, some areas may still have late registration fees, and the dealer may decide to charge you. For example, if you’re trading in your car, you might be able to work out a bargain to avoid these costs to close the deal, mainly if you live in a state that doesn’t require dealers to register the cars they have for sale.

Specify A Lower Sale Price

Buyers could be ready to pay the late registration penalties if they can’t, which means reduced sale prices. Reducing the buying price may encourage an interested buyer to complete the transaction if you’re negotiating with one who is wary about your car’s outdated tags. However, you might need to lower the price even further to close the deal if the buyer already intends to offer you a lowball amount because the vehicle isn’t registered.

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